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Form, costs and shipping time

You should bear in mind that delivery times, quality of service, delivery point and cost will be different for each form of transport.

The Seller sends orders to its customers through PACKLINK. The delivery date at the customer's home depends on the availability of the chosen product and the shipping area. Before confirming your order, the customer will be informed of the shipping costs and transportation times, both indicative, that apply to your specific order. However, both may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each order. The courier cost includes 2 delivery attempts. If the customer is not at the delivery location during the second attempt, your order will probably return to our facilities.


Transport times may be altered by extraordinary incidents with the carrier and by difficulties in the delivery of the merchandise.
The Seller reserves the right to alter shipping costs when the requested weight varies by more/less 15% with respect to the average weight mentioned. In the event of a price variation, the Seller will notify the client of the variation by email and the client may choose to cancel their order without any costs being attributed to them or the Seller.


At CIO.PARTSwe manufacture parts every week so we work with something that is normally out of stock. In this way, those products that are personalized and were returned, we would mostly not be able to sell them.

We will do our best if:
The customer, due to the error of the courier company, did not receive the package.
We made a mistake with your order.
When you receive the package, it is damaged.
It will not be refunded in the following cases:
Once the product is in good condition, the customer no longer wants it.
Due to lack of absence in the delivery of the package despite the different notices that the courier company uses.
Other cases where it was not an error of either the shipping company or

Before placing an order, make sure it is the product you want and need, in shape and colors.

Thank you so much!

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